Research Themes

4IR: Artificial Intelligence

New governance tools are central to enable governments to establish new environments where emerging technologies flourish and serve humanity


There is now a global consensus that artificial intelligence is a general-purpose technology that is already playing a transformational role in many economies but also pose significant and unprecedented challenges and risks to humanity. The questions of how to promote responsible AI innovation development and adoption, while ensuring that Ethics, safety, privacy, human rights, and other shared values are safeguarded have become major concerns to all stakeholders in governments, civil society, academia, industry, and international organizations across the globe. Our research at KPC4IR helps governments, industry and wider civil society to address these pressing issues. We focus on emerging AI applications and their impacts on society, AI policy and governance, and platforms for inclusive growth. Our research also helps to put a spotlight on the social, economic and political implications of radical AI technologies and provides policy recommendations, and roadmaps for responsible and inclusive AI-powered societies.
Re-imagining Regulations